"Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society.
It is offering time, energy and skills of one's own free will.
It is an extension of being a good neighbour, transforming a collection of houses into a community,
as people become involved in the improvement of their surroundings and choose to help others.
By caring and contributing to change, volunteers decrease suffering and disparity, while
they gain skills, self-esteem, and change their lives. People work to improve the lives of their neighbours
and, in return, enhance their own."
- Volunteer Canada



We Always Need Volunteers

Meals on Wheels Fort Erie depends on its volunteers. A driver and a server are necessary for each delivery.  Anyone desiring to serve his or her community is encouraged to volunteer. 

New volunteers undertake a one-hour training seminar in our office and drivers are paid an annual stipend to help with gas for their vehicle.  References for new volunteers are required.

Meal delivery routes take one to two hours per day. As little as one day a month can make a huge difference.